Group Leaders

NeilNeil Holt – Audio Group Leader

At the hackathon: Neil is leading a group that’ll work with GramVaani’s rural-sourced audio data clips, trying to visualize women’s rights and experiences in rural areas.

About Neil: Neil Holt has worked to produce data-driven, interactive journalism pieces for CNN-IBN since arriving in Delhi this September. His undergraduate work in science taught him the true value of data analysis, and his graduate studies in interactive journalism at Northwestern University emphasized effective communication for public consumption. He’s excited to be a part of his first hackathon and to work with a new medium – audio.

Noopur Raval

Noopur Raval – Wikimedia Group Leader

At the hackathon: Noopur will lead a group to investigate Wikipedia and collaborative media generation. They’ll create and load collaboratively edited stories, and explore media representation of crimes against women in the wiki-verse.

About Noopur: Noopur Raval crawls the interwebs to produce accounts of techno-cultures. She is currently pursuing her M.Phil in Cinema Studies at JNU, New Delhi. Her thesis revolves around understanding new religious publics in India through their interactions with media technologies. She has previously worked with the Wikimedia Foundation and the Center for Internet & Society, Bangalore to promote Wikipedia contribution in Indian languages. She is passionate about Open Source technology, free knowledge, education and travel.


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