What is a Women’s Rights Hackathon?


Welcome to the site for Delhi’s #Hack4Change! We’re a multimedia hackathon focused on using different forms to data to tell collaborative, innovative stories.  This time, we’re going to be designing around data sets related to women’s rights in India.

Breakthrough (an NGO that uses pop culture, media and technology to spread awareness about women’s rights) and Hacks/Hackers New Delhi (a group of journalists and coders) are teaming up to throw the multimedia #Hack4Change around women’s rights. We’re bringing a lot of data together and inviting you to come organize, visualize, and tell stories. We’ll have case studies, audio clips, video material and more from the Whypoll Foundation, data.gov.in, the World Bank, and others. You’ll work with a diverse group of people, learn innovative storytelling techniques, and create projects that spread awareness about a great cause!

Where: 91springboard Entrepreneurship Hub (next to the Mohan Estate Metro Station)

When: December 7 & 8, starting 10 am (one week before the anniversary of the Delhi gang rape)

What We’ll Make: Data visualizations, Videos, Interactive graphics and more.

Who: Anyone who’s interested. If you want to take a look at some of our talented group leaders, we’ve started putting up their profiles here. If you want to BE a group leader and guide a team through this project, write to NewDelhiAThackshackers.com.

Why: Because we want to start conversations about women’s rights, meet interesting people from different fields, and find innovative ways to tell important stories.

Check us out on Facebook. Want to know more about the types of skills required or what we plan to do with the final projects? Check out our FAQ’s.


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